Report on the Expansion of the E45 Motorway Corridor in Eastern Jutland

The Danish Road Directorate has now completed a screening highlighting the long term construction options of the E45 corridor.

02. May 2011

 The screening also covers the preliminary calculations in terms of the possibility of relieving the E45 by using other strategies e.g. constructing a motorway corridor in Central Jutland or a fixed link at the Little Belt.

The need for capacity for the north/southbound traffic in Jutland is a central topic in the analyses. In this respect, two main strategies are applied: Further expansion of the capacity in the E45 motorway corridor or the establishment of a new motorway corridor relieving the E45.

The screening does not form the basis for an actual decision-making, but will form a point of departure for discussing the prospects for further analytical work.

(Only available in Danish)