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Quicker access to driver’s license makes it easier for Americans, Canadians and Australians to settle in Denmark

Now Americans, Canadians and Australians among others can exchange their driver’s license to a Danish one without the hassle. The ambassadors from the countries mentioned above are pleased with the initiative, and the Minister for Transport and Building expects that it will become easier to attract investments and highly skilled labour from these countries.


27. April 2016

The era of the verifying driver’s test for Canadian, American or Australian citizens, who want to drive a car in Denmark, is over.

A new arrangement will now make it much easier for citizens from these countries to exchange their driver’s license with a Danish license. They can simply visit “Citizen Service” at the local municipality and fill in the required documents.

The American ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford is very pleased:

- We at the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen are thrilled that U.S. citizens who have decided to call Denmark their home will be now be able to exchange their American driver’s license for a Danish one. The United States and Denmark have a history of successful cooperation in many areas, and these new regulations will make Denmark an even more friendly place for American companies and individuals to do business.

The Danish Minister for Transport and Building Hans Chr. Schmidt is happy with the solution:

- I am glad, that we have found a solution, which makes it less difficult for Americans, Canadians or Australians to exchange their driver’s license to a Danish license. The traffic conditions in these countries are similar to those in Denmark, so it is only natural that these citizens should be offered the opportunity to acquire a Danish license if they meet the requirements.

- Furthermore, this will make Denmark more attractive for investments and highly skilled people from these countries, because we make it easier to move here and be able to drive a car.

The Canadian Ambassador to Denmark André Francios Giroux touches upon the same aspects in his comment to the new legislation:

- I am very pleased that this issue has been resolved.  Allowing the exchange of Canadian driver’s licenses is good news for Canada and Denmark relations.  It will help promote business links and make it easier for Canadians living temporarily in Denmark to get established.

The Australian Ambassador to Denmark Damien Miller is also pleased:

- The Australian Embassy in Copenhagen is very happy about the passing of this new legislation that allows experienced drivers to exchange their State and Territory-issued Australian licences for Danish ones. This has been a collaborative effort and we are pleased that there is now full reciprocity in the recognition of driving licences between our two countries, making it easier for Australians to study, work and live in Denmark.

The new legislation not only applies to citizens from the United States, Australia and Canada. From 1 April citizens from Chile, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Isle of Man will be afforded the same rights.

These six countries belong to the so-called Group 2 countries. In these countries drivers’ training is not quite equivalent to Danish drivers’ training, although the general level of road safety is considered to be equal to that in Denmark. Singapore has already been approved as a Group 2 country.

With a valid driver’s license from a Group 2 country you can exchange your driver’s license to a Danish license provided that you have the required driving experience and have not had your license revoked within the last few years.  Licenses can be exchanged at “Citizen Service” (Borgerservice) at the local municipality.