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The Ministry

The main responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing lies within the following areas: Transport: roads, vehicles, railways, rapid transit systems (e.g. the Copenhagen metro), fixed links, harbours, ferry operations, aviation, airports and postal services. Building: national office buildings, building regulation, and regulation of the construction sector. Housing: social housing, housing regulation, and urban renewal.

Ministeriet set fra kanalen

10. January 2017

The Minister of Transport, Building, and Housing is a member of the Government and has the overall responsibility for the Ministry. Thus, the Minister holds the administrative (managerial) as well as the parliamentary (political) responsibility for the execution of the tasks, including implementation of the decisions made by Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) concerning the Minister's field of responsibility. The Minister of Transport, Building, and Housing furthermore has the task of implementing the Government's policy within the area of the Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing.

The Ministry is the Minister's secretariat and assists the Minister with the governance and management of the Ministerial area, including ordinary secretarial tasks, strategic planning and policy formulation, as well as drafting laws, orders etc. with a view to implementing the Government's transport policy.

The Ministry is headed by a Permanent Secretary. The Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing has approx 140 staff.

The daily administration and handling of tasks and assignments on transport are carried out by a number of institutions, executive agencies, corporations, councils and boards. Counting every institution and every corporation the Ministry employs around 40.000 people.


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