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  • Tunnel-animation

    The Fixed Link across the Fehmarn Belt

    The project will consist of a four-lane motorway and a double-track electrified railway. According to the plan, the Fehmarn Belt fixed link will open for traffic in 2028. The fixed link will be an immersed tunnel.

  • Metro

    The Copenhagen Metro

    In 1995, the work to expand public transport in Copenhagen began by constructing an entirely new metro.

  • Collage

    Strategic Analyses

    As part of the strategic planning in the transport sector, strategic analyses concerning the long-term layout of the road and railway capacity in Denmark will be conducted. The analyses will serve as a preparational tool to the long-term decisions regarding the development of the future infrastructure after 2020.

  • Hovedbanegården

    New Signalling System (ERTMS) on the Railway

    Rail Net Denmark has initiated a programme replacing the current signalling system throughout Denmark. The implementation of this programme will deliver two new signalling systems: the common European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) level 2 on the Main Line along with a Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system on the suburban network in the Greater Copenhagen area (the S-train network)

  • Fly der letter

    Safety in the sky

    A journey starts effortlessly. This is, however, not a coincidence. On the contrary, behind the passengers’ experience lies thorough and systematic ground work conducted by specialists.