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How Will the New Signalling Programme Affect the Passengers?

The replacement of the signalling systems will bring about great benefits for the Main Line and the S-train passengers.

S-togs perronPhoto: Ulrik Jantzen

The replacement of the signalling systems is a necessity, which will bring about some benefits for train passengers on both the Main Line and the S-train network:

  • A higher level of punctuality
  • Increase of speed and as a result quicker travel time on certain routes
  • Improvement of the safety level
  • Improvement of the passenger information
  • No risk of major signal failures due to  expired signalling equipment
  • Improvement of operational reliability

The complete replacement of the signalling system is not excepted to cause delays. The replacement and installation will be carried out during the night. Accordingly, the effects of the installation on the daily train operations will be minimised and not cause any major inconvenience for the passengers.

A range of test runs of the new signalling system will be conducted during the night in order to ensure that the system is working correctly and spot any possible errors. In this way, the passengers will not experience any delays due to the replacement.