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How Will the Signalling Programme Affect the Railway Employees?

Several groups of employees working with or on the railway will be affected by the replacement of the current signalling system.

TrafikstyringPhoto: Christoffer Regild

The majority of Rail Net Denmark’s traffic management employees, who control and supervise the train traffic, might experience a change of geographical workplace as well as new ways of working. This will also be the case for Rail Net Denmark’s technicians, who  maintain and repair the signalling system. The train drivers will have to get used to the signals being on a screen instead of along the tracks.

The train operators will need to educate their employees in terms of using the new signalling systems and traffic rules.

Out of all the employee groups affected, the train drivers are by far the largest. The number of train drivers who need to be upskilled are 1,500 on the Main Line and approximately 500 on the S-train network.