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Aviation safety covers the activities which ensure that the plane you board is in good repair, the airline industry staff has the requisite education and that all the elements included in the air transport system comply with the pertinent standards and requirements.

PropelgennemgangPhoto: Danish Transport Authority

Aviation safety is one of the Danish Transport Authority’s most important responsibilities. The objective is to create a basis for safe civil aviation. The Danish Transport Authority approves and supervises civil Danish aviation – business as well as private. Airports, schools of aviation and maintenance organisations are also subject to the supervision and control of the Danish Transport Authority.

International Standardisation
From the establishment of aerodromes to the actual flight, all rules and procedures comply with international standards which are globally uniform. The common standards are established within the auspices of the UN agency for civil aviation ICAO and include the requirements for training and procedures as well as the establishment the aerodrome.

The Danish Transport Authority supervises staff and equipment within Danish civil aviation. The Danish Transport Authority converts the international standards into Danish legislation and approves the schools of aviation and other places of education. The Danish Transport Authority also supervises the quality systems in order to ensure that only approved components are being utilized in aviation.

Education & Training
Employees in the aviation industry, who have jobs that are related to safety, must ’achieve certification’. This means that the national aviation authority, in this case the Danish Transport Authority, issues a certificate to the employee in order to certify that the person in question has completed and passed an authorised training programme. All pilots are certified as are all flight mechanics, air traffic controllers and cabin crew.

It is not merely people who are certified. All components utilised in aviation must be approved before use. This concerns e.g. all parts of the plane – from the seat covers to the electronic components in the cockpit - and the more ad-vanced computer systems used for navigation and air traffic control.

Quality Assurance
Airline companies, airports and other companies in the aviation industry must have a quality system which continuously monitors and fine-tunes the safety. In practice, this entails that internal inspections in the company are conducted regularly with the purpose of correcting any errors before these become a potential safety risk.