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Safety in the sky

A journey starts effortlessly. This is, however, not a coincidence. On the contrary, behind the passengers’ experience lies thorough and systematic ground work conducted by specialists.

BoardingPhoto: Danish Transport Authority

Most people know the procedure. Passengers swarm into the empty flight at the airport. Shortly after the final passenger has found his/her seat the signs above the seats light up: FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT

Every passenger notices the signs – you cannot miss it. The cabin crew circulates the cabin and makes sure that everyone has fastened their seatbelts – just in case. After the safety demonstration of the emergency exits and the safety equipment, everything is ready for take-off. A few minutes later the airplane is in the air.

The work of the specialists is based upon thorough training and the experience accumulated over decades and complemented by similar efforts from colleagues from all over the world. All with the single purpose of making civil avia-tion as safe as possible.

This is why air travel today is the safest, quickest and most efficient form of transport over long distances.