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Security revolves around the prevention of illegal actions against air traffic (e.g. terror). Security is also an important task, which has received increased attention in recent years. In joint collaboration with the police, the objective is to ensure a high level of security in Denmark.

FlykigPhoto: Danish Transport Authority

Prior to 11th September 2001 the level of security - in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe - was high. Nevertheless, since the terror attack, a range of new measures have continuously been implemented in order to safeguard the civil air traffic. These include screening all the passengers as well as the airport staff when entering the enclosed area of the airport.

The Tip of the Iceberg
As the authority of civil aviation, the Danish Transport Authority supervises that rules, procedures and safety plans are followed by the airports and the air-line companies. However, it is the police who - on the basis of the information available - continuously conduct an assessment of the threat status. Therefore, the Danish Transport Authority and the police are in regular contact in order to make additional and extraordinary security precautions if the threat status changes.   

The vast majority of the security measures taking place in airports and at the airline companies are not visible to the passengers, when they travel. They only witness ’the tip of the iceberg’, for example is the security control of people and hand luggage by the entrance to the enclosed area. Thus, the task of upholding air traffic as an efficient, fast - and most importantly - safe mode of transporta-tion has succeed.