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The Danish Infrastructure After 2020

As part of the strategic planning in the transport sector, strategic analyses concerning the long-term layout of the road and railway capacity in Denmark will be conducted. The analyses will serve as a preparational tool to the long-term decisions regarding the development of the future infrastructure after 2020.


With the recent years’ transport agreements, historically comprehensive effort in the development of Denmark’s infrastructure has been made – with investments of 100 bn. Danish Kroner up until 2020. Furthermore, a fixed link from Germany to Denmark across the Fehmarn Belt will be constructed. In addition, a new metro line in Copenhagen is under construction. In the following years, a number of projects and measures will be completed, creating significant improvements of the infrastructure nationwide.

A completion of strategic analyses, about the long-term expansion options in infrastructure after 2020, was decided upon as part of the agreement concerning the green transport policy from January 2009.

The purpose of the strategic analyses is to determine, which long-term strategies for the development of Denmark’s road and railway network, we will be able to focus on in the future. In this way, the Danes and Danish business environment will also benefit from a world class infrastructure in 20, 30 and 40 years from now.

The above analyses cover three central topics:

These are some of the topics which will be the focus of discussion in the coming years as part of the debate about the Danish transport system after 2020.

The Time Schedule towards 2013

The terms of reference of the strategic analyses were established in April 2009 by the parties behind the green transport policy agreements (the Liberal Party, the Conservative, the Social Democrats, the Danish People’s Party, the Socialist People’s Party, the Social-Liberal Party and the Liberal Alliance).

According to the terms of reference, a comprehensive progress report and the preliminary results will be presented to the signatory parties of the agreement in 2011.

The strategic analyses are due to be fully completed in 2013 after which the parties will discuss the results as part of the continuous planning in the transport sector.

Moreover, an annual status conference will be held for all stakeholders. At these conferences the status of the strategic analyses will be presented and discussed.

The most recent conference took place on the 2nd May 2011 in Odense, Funen.