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The Overall Road System in Jutland

In relation to the green transport policy agreement from January 2009, it has been decided to conduct strategic analyses concerning the long-term capacity needs in the north/southbound road traffic in Jutland.

Skitser af Midtjyskmotorvejskorridor

Over the past 40 years, the motorway E45 in Eastern Jutland has produced a high level of mobility and economic development in Jutland, as the road connects Jutland from north to south. Moreover road users are able to access the E45 from Central and Western Jutland via the Central Jutland crossroads, and thus connected to Funen, Zealand and the rest of Europe.

Today the overall motorway system serves several types of traffic – which are all growing in volume. This goes for local commuter traffic, traffic within and between the regions and international traffic flow towards Germany and Europe. Due to the increasing traffic volume, the overall infrastructure has faced increasing pressure the recent years and congestion poses a strain on commuters as well as businesses.

With the recent years’ agreements in the transport sector, the capacity will be expanded on the E45 at Vejle Fjord. Simultaneously, the connections between Central and Western Jutland has enhanced via construction of new motorways from Vejle and Århus towards Herning and on to Holstebro.

In the long term the traffic growth, however, will engender a need for additional capacity on the E45 from Northern Jutland to the German border. As part of the strategic analyses, two main development strategies for north/southbound road capacity in Jutland have been identified:

  • Further development of the motorway capacity in the E45 corridor
  • Different models for the establishment of a new motorway corridor in Central Jutland

A strategy for the road network in Jutland should be viewed in close connection to the issues of the connections between Eastern and Western Denmark.

Furthermore, a long-term strategy for the road capacity in Jutland should been viewed in connection with infrastructure development plans in Germany.

A number of screenings of the options for expansion will be conducted and published regularly on this website (Only available in Danish).