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Environmental Assessment

In accordance with national and international legislation, the Fehmarn Belt project’s impact on the environment must be assessed.

Luftfoto af Rødby HavnPhoto: Femern A/S

An assessment of its consequences for humans, animals, plants, soil, water, air, climate, landscape, cultural heritage as well as the interplay between these must be conducted. This has to be carried out in order to get  approval of the project from Danish and German authorities.

Femern A/S has been given the task of preparing an EIA report (Environmental Impact Assessment). An EIA localises all environmental aspects and evaluates how potential negative impacts of the environment can be minimised. In case the environment is severely affected, different alternatives are assessed and the impacts are compared. The fixed link across the Fehmarn Belt will be designed, constructed and operated in such a manner that the negative impacts on the environment and humans are reduced to the least possible.

In connection with the EIA report, Femern A/S has completed a proposal on an environmental assessment programme. The proposal on the programme has been submitted for consultation in 2010 in Denmark, Germany and the Baltic Sea region.

The purpose of the consultation procedure is to give the public the opportunity to comment on the environmental assessment programme’s content, extent, areas included and methods used etc., that may be relevant to the preparation of the forthcoming EIA report. This is conducted in order to provide the authorities with the best possible basis for an assessment of the programme.

The final EIA report is expected to be published in 2012. Subsequently, it will be submitted for public consultation in Denmark and Germany as well as the Baltic Sea region. The EIA report and its associated consultation memorandum (a collection of all responses to the consultation) will be included in the basis for a proposal for a Construction Act.